Catch Me


Name: Catch Me
By: Lisa Gardner
Narrated by: Kirsten Potter
Series: Detective D.D. Warren
Length 13 hrs and 9 mins
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Mystery
Release Date: 2012-02-06
Language: English

Charlene Rosalind Carter Grant, a police officer, bears the weight of her own dark past. Her heart is shrouded in layers of steel; no one can get close. Enter “Catch Me,” a bone-chilling audiobook by Lisa Gardner, narrated to perfection by the award-winning Kirsten Potter, whose voice weaves the tale like a master craftsman. Initially it was Before She Disappeared which stunned us or The Perfect Husband amazed us with a tricky plot but this one takes the next step forward.

Charlene, who goes by Charlie, is convinced that she is living on borrowed time. Her best friends, Randi and Ariel, were brutally murdered and she believes that she is next. Charlie reaches out to Detective D.D. Warren, a character imbued with sheer grit and intelligence, to unravel this sinister skein before the sands of her hourglass run dry.

As the clock ticks, Detective Warren delves into the enigmatic labyrinth that is Charlie’s life. A sordid history of foster homes, and ties to a menacing underground community paint a portrait of a woman ensnared in a web not entirely of her own making. But there’s more. Warren discovers Charlie’s involvement in an online role-playing game, Shadowland. The very fibers of this virtual world are woven with whispers of a malevolent figure, lurking, ever watching.

Juxtaposed to Charlie’s perilous race against time is Abigail, a young mother and a victim of domestic violence, who stumbles upon a sinister pattern of events involving missing women. As Abigail gazes into the abyss of a conspiracy beyond her worst nightmares, their paths cross, and the entangled threads of their fates pull them closer to the shocking truth.

Every character in this intoxicating tale is meticulously carved; from the deeply flawed Charlie, grappling with demons, to the relentless D.D. Warren, whose unwavering dedication to justice is her guiding light. Then, there is the enigmatic Abigail, a lone ship tossed on stormy seas, whose indomitable will breaks barriers. Each one is a single drop in a torrential downpour of emotion and intrigue.

Kirsten Potter’s voice is the ethereal chalice that holds this labyrinthine tale. With her narration, she is the guardian at the gate, the sentinel guiding the listener through a myriad of shadows and revelations. The whispers in the dark and the heartbeats running wild are as palpable as the cold night air in the silent alleys of the city. Each word is spoken with a resonance that makes the heart quiver and the soul shudder.

“Catch Me” is a siren’s song, a spell woven in the night, that beckons you into its embrace, daring you to face your deepest fears while it wraps its dark tendrils around your heart. This is more than a story; it is an experience, an odyssey through the darkest corners of the human heart and the flickering lights of hope that refuse to be extinguished.

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