Cephrael’s Hand


Name: Cephrael’s Hand
By: Melissa McPhail
Narrated by: Nick Podehl
Series: A Pattern of Shadow and Light
Length 32 hrs and 6 mins
Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy
Release Date: 2016-07-25
Language: English

As the dawn of A Pattern of Shadow & Light unleashes its luminous embrace upon the world of Alorin, the tapestry woven by Melissa McPhail beguiles the listener with a harmonious blend of magic, machination, and mysticism. The audiobook Cephrael’s Hand, narrated by the impeccable voice talent of Nick Podehl, ensnares the senses with riveting intonations and fervent expressions.

In a realm where divine forces vie for dominion through enigmatic auguries, we are privy to a multitude of vividly depicted characters whose fates and endeavors are inexorably interlaced. The primary plot orbits around Ean, a young man whose ethereal affinity grants him the power to perceive the essence of patterns. His journey to comprehend the mysteries of the three dimensions of Alorin is beset by perils and revelations alike.

The cunning assassin Trell, with his insatiable thirst for vengeance, braids his path with Ean. What appears as a union borne of necessity, burgeons into a bond that might have ramifications far beyond their own entangled destinies. Their ventures coalesce with an enigmatic Order that strives to wield control over the mystical energies shaping Alorin.

Further, in this audacious fantasy, a nobleman by the name of Bjorn van Gelderan acts as a harbinger of upheaval, undertaking audacious machinations to see the return of an ancient race. Through this, he aspires to alter the cosmic equilibrium of forces governing Alorin.

Cephrael’s Hand also introduces us to the enchanting sorceress, Ilse Zhalina, whose celestial ambitions traverse perilous alleys and forge alliances with beings of otherworldly origins. Entwined in her spell is the redoubtable Pelas, a warrior of conviction, and valiance, whose blade carves not just through flesh but the veils of secrets.

The tale weaves these characters into a sumptuous ballet of intention and consequence; love and betrayal; sacrifice and redemption. Each sentence is a droplet in the ocean of an opus that submerges the listener into the fervent embrace of Alorin, where even the merest whisper may summon a tempest or quieten a storm.

Nick Podehl’s recitation is akin to a maestro’s baton guiding the symphony of words. His voice pirouettes through the chambers of the tale, elucidating the shadows, and gilding the pinnacles of this monumental fantasy. Other timeless treasures that serve as portals to different worlds are The Dagger of Adendigaeth and Kingdom Blades.

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