City of Thieves


Name: City of Thieves
By: David Benioff
Narrated by: Ron Perlman
Length 8 hrs and 28 mins
Category: Literature & Fiction, Genre Fiction
Release Date: 0008-12-25
Language: English

In the heart of a war-torn, famine-stricken Leningrad, the tale of “City of Thieves” takes flight, with the seasoned voice of Ron Perlman lending a distinctive gravitas, the fans might know that he is the same narrator who provided voice to Self Help and The Strain. This tale, an intriguing interplay of history and fiction, escorts you into a world conceived by David Benioff, filled with adventure, unexpected alliances, and the cruel trials of war.

Our tale commences with Lev Beniov, a seventeen-year-old Jewish boy, who, due to a stroke of misfortune, lands in jail, arrested for the crime of looting. His destiny intertwines with that of Kolya, a charming, vivacious Red Army deserter, when they are offered an unusual path to freedom. Their mission, set forth by a colonel in the secret police, is not only absurd but also nearly impossible – to find a dozen eggs in a city decimated by the German siege, where starvation is the everyday reality.

Yet, the narrative finds a way to inject humor and camaraderie into this dire predicament. The unlikely duo traverses the desolate and dangerous landscape, crossing paths with cannibals, German soldiers, and other survivors – each character adding a new dimension to the story, a testament to Benioff’s skill in character creation and development.

One such character is Vika, a formidable female sniper whose encounter with Lev and Kolya makes her an integral part of their journey. Her character, both hardened by the war and yearning for human connection, illuminates the raw, complex emotions brought about by their grim circumstances.

Throughout the journey, Lev’s boyish naivety gradually evolves into the wisdom of a man tested by the extremities of life. Kolya, with his unwavering charisma and roguish humor, provides a counterbalance to Lev’s solemnity, yet he too carries a burden that subtly shapes his character as the plot advances.

This odyssey, wrapped within the austere beauty of a frozen city and the grim realities of war, highlights the essence of friendship, survival, and sacrifice. Perlman’s rich, textured voice ties together the disparate elements of the plot into a coherent whole, guiding the listeners through the labyrinth of emotions that underpin the characters’ experiences.

A melancholic undercurrent runs through the story, punctuated by unexpected moments of joy, love, and humanity, culminating in an ending that is as heartfelt as it is bittersweet. The poignant bond that develops between Lev and Kolya forms the backbone of the story, their interactions layered with humor, conflict, and mutual respect.

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