Dark Age


Name: Dark Age
By: Pierce Brown
Narrated by: Tim Gerard Reynolds, John Curless, Moira Quirk, James Langton, Rendah Heywood
Series: Red Rising
Length 33 hrs and 58 mins
Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Science Fiction
Release Date: 2019-07-30
Language: English

In a galaxy ablaze with conflict, where the fleeting ephemera of power and dominance waltz to a tune of clashing swords and whispered secrets, Dark Age—a mesmerizing tome of audible literature—plunges into the heart of a cosmic power struggle. Enter Darrow, the peerless Reaper of Mars, a man caught within the throes of tumultuous allegiance. Once a beacon of hope for the lowly Reds, Darrow has witnessed the fragility of trust as the slings and arrows of treachery pierce his armor. His quest for justice, guided by the searing flames of rebellion, begets a path strewn with shadows. Darrow’s former comrades, the Sons of Ares, whose fervent bloodlust has turned them from allies into fearsome adversaries, now assail his very essence.

But Darrow is not alone in this maelstrom of power plays. Lysander au Lune, the displaced heir, seeks to reclaim his legacy as he dances on the razor’s edge of honor and obligation. In his wanderings, he is ensnared by the enigmatic Cassius au Bellona, whose destiny intertwines with his own in unforeseen and fateful measures.

Elsewhere, Lyria of Lagalos, who was liberated from the chains of oppression, finds the taste of freedom soured by vengeance. Her journey is a tempest of sorrow and perseverance, as she navigates the treacherous currents of political machinations and the echoes of her tormented past.

Pax, the prodigious son of Sevro, must grapple with the weight of his lineage while thrust into the maelstrom, seeking his place amongst the legends of his ancestors. Ephraim ti Horn, an outlaw with a heart encased in steel, is reluctantly drawn into the storm as he fights against his own demons to protect those he cherishes. After ending this book do search for Red Rising as it will allow you to relive the same glory or Morning Star might work in the same way.

The mesmerism of this audiobook is further enriched by the sheer virtuosity of Tim Gerard Reynolds and John Curless. Their voices, timbres akin to seasoned minstrels, weave the tales of these characters together, ensnaring the listener in a cocoon of vivid imagery and raw emotion. As the storm of words lulls and rages, their voices become the wind and thunder, transporting you through the tempestuous saga.

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