Enlightenment Now


Name: Enlightenment Now
By: Steven Pinker
Narrated by: Arthur Morey
Length 19 hrs and 49 mins
Category: Health & Wellness, Psychology & Mental Health
Release Date: 2018-02-12
Language: English

As the echoes of Morey’s mellifluous voice wash over you, Enlightenment Now unfurls the chronicles of human progress like the steady dawn banishing shadows. This is not a yarn spun with an array of fictional personalities, but an epic that casts humanity itself as the central figure, adorned with facts and figures as its illustrious ensemble. The radiance of Enlightenment ideals – reason, science, humanism, and progress – are the driving forces, the heroes that persistently batter against the bastions of ignorance.

A harlequinade of thinkers and revolutionaries parades through the pages – from Spinoza’s philosophies that bade defiance to the shadows of superstition to the indefatigable Rosalind Franklin, whose DNA double helix dance signaled a golden dawn for biology. Each stalwart of human history, each maverick and sage plays a vital role – a meticulously arranged ensemble on this global stage like The Better Angels of Our Nature and The Blank Slate.

Lamentations of war, poverty, and inequality form the conflict that this audacious tale seeks to address. The denouement, however, does not drift into the comforting abyss of fatalism. Instead, through a cascade of iridescent data, the tome posits that humanity, often unbeknownst to itself, has made gargantuan strides. Progress, it seems, doesn’t thunder in on a tempest but rather whispers on the zephyr of aggregated small victories.

At this juncture, the unwavering baritone of Arthur Morey makes one not a mere spectator but a fellow traveler in this odyssey. His seasoned timbre escorts you through centuries and thoughts, adding depth to Pinker’s robust research and sparkling intellect. There is an alchemy at work between the written word and the spoken echo, where the listener is cradled in the crucible of an enlightened embrace.

Enlightenment Now is a lexicon of hope; it’s a reminder that not all is lost, and that, within the fathoms of human intellect and empathy, lies the key to a better tomorrow. If ever the torrents of modern turmoil seek to swamp your spirits, let the dulcet tones of Arthur Morey and the luminosity of Steven Pinker’s wisdom be your guiding stars through the tempest.

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