Red Rising

Name: Red Rising
By: Pierce Brown
Narrated by: Tim Gerard Reynolds
Series: Red Rising
Length 16 hrs and 12 mins
Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy
Release Date: 2014-01-27
Language: English

There are many reasons why people might search for Red Rising. Some might be fans of the book series and be looking for news about the books or the author. Others might be looking for information about the Red Rising event, which is a real-life event that happens every year in the United States.

Some special characters in Red Rising include the following:

-Darrow, the protagonist
-Eo, Darrow’s wife
-Titus, Darrow’s friend and fellow rebel
-Cassius, Darrow’s mentor
-Mustang, a rebel leader
-Ragnar, a rebel leader
-The Golds, the ruling class of society

Epic. series are,

* Morning Star (Red Rising Series #3)

* Golden Son (Red Rising Series #2)

* Red Rising (Red Rising Series #1)

* Iron Gold (Red Rising Series #4)

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