Rules of Civility


Name: Rules of Civility
By: Amor Towles
Narrated by: Rebecca Lowman
Length 12 hrs and 4 mins
Category: Literature & Fiction, Genre Fiction
Release Date: 2011-07-25
Language: English

Let the richly textured and sophisticated universe of Rules of Civility sweep you off your feet and transport you back in time to the glimmering city of New York in 1938. The tale is an engaging and vividly portrayed account of a society in transition, wherein every turn is adorned with pearls of wisdom and timeless life lessons. The elegant voice of Rebecca Lowman carries us through this mesmerizing journey, unspooling a vibrant and dynamic world for us to explore.

Meet Katey Kontent, a sharp-witted woman of strength and ambition. From humble beginnings, she’s drawn into the swirling social milieu of Manhattan’s upper echelons, navigating the vagaries of fortune and character with admirable grace and intelligence. While pursuing her career in the secretary pool of a major law firm, a chance encounter on New Year’s Eve at a jazz bar, The Hotspot, irreversibly alters her life trajectory.

With Katey, we cross paths with Tinker Grey, an impossibly handsome banker with an aura of mystery and sophistication. The magnetic pull between Tinker and Katey is undeniable, serving as the potent undercurrent driving the sequence of events that unfold. Yet, their relationship is far from straightforward, constantly redefining itself in the face of evolving circumstances and shifting loyalties.

As the story weaves its way through the year, the enigmatic Eve Ross emerges as another pivotal character. A Midwestern beauty who becomes Katey’s roommate and confidante, Eve is the third point in their unconventional triangle. Eve’s audacious spirit and unrestrained pursuit of a life less ordinary often serve as a counterpoint to Katey’s more reserved and calculated approach.

Our journey through the mesmerizing landscape of New York’s social scene reveals an exquisite spectrum of characters, each adding a layer of complexity and depth to the tale. From the Wall Street aristocrats to the journalists, the photographers to the bohemian intellectuals, each character paints a vivid stroke on this elaborate canvas.

Yet, amidst all the glamour and the glitter, the author beautifully captures the universal human condition – our quest for identity, our struggle with choice, and our eternal pursuit of happiness. In Rules of Civility, every relationship is a mirror reflecting different facets of our protagonist, and each character’s destiny is shaped by their decisions and actions, a testament to the immense power of choice.

The tale, filled with unexpected twists and turns, is expertly guided by the subtly powerful performance of Rebecca Lowman. Her nuanced rendition brings an extra layer of complexity to each character, further enhancing our connection with them. Through her performance, the bygone era of 1930s New York is recreated with stunning clarity and authenticity. The tale also takes our attention to other works of the author like A Gentleman in Moscow and The Didomenico Fragment.

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