Sparkling Cyanide: B2 (Collins Agatha Christie ELT Readers)


Name: Sparkling Cyanide: B2 (Collins Agatha Christie ELT Readers)
By: Agatha Christie
Narrated by: Peter Kenny
Length 3 hrs and 9 mins
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Mystery
Release Date: 2016-10-13
Language: English

Deep in the heart of the concrete jungle, where glittering lights meet dark secrets, a beguiling tale waits to be told. The stage is set in London, a timeless city steeped in history, as we delve into “Sparkling Cyanide”, a classic mystery written by the Queen of Crime, Agatha Christie, and seamlessly narrated by the gifted Gabrielle Glaister.

It was supposed to be a joyous celebration of Rosemary Barton’s birthday. A glamorous socialite known for her dazzling charm and vivacious spirit, Rosemary is surrounded by her loved ones at a fancy restaurant. However, amid the laughter and the clinking glasses, a sinister plot is brewing. An innocent sip of champagne spells doom for Rosemary. The vibrant light in her eyes flickers out, and she slumps over in her chair. The bubbly golden drink, as it turns out, was laced with a deadly dose of cyanide.

At first, it’s dismissed as suicide. Rosemary had her demons, and those around her believed that they finally caught up with her. But Colonel Race, a diligent observer and a retired military man, suspects foul play. As the story progresses, we delve deeper into the complex dynamics of Rosemary’s inner circle. There’s George Barton, Rosemary’s doting husband, who grows increasingly distressed following his wife’s untimely demise. Then, there’s Ruth Lessing, Rosemary’s personal secretary, whose loyalty is shrouded in layers of doubt and suspicion. Not to mention, the glamorous Iris Marle, Rosemary’s younger sister, who stands to inherit her fortune, Stephen Farraday, a high-profile politician engaged in a clandestine affair with Rosemary, and Victor Drake, a poverty-stricken relative with eyes on the Barton wealth.

As Colonel Race peels back layer upon layer of deception, it becomes clear that everyone had a motive to end Rosemary’s life. As the web of secrets gets denser, the story spirals into an exhilarating hunt for the truth, culminating in a chilling reveal.

Gabrielle Glaister’s narration is key to the immersive experience of “Sparkling Cyanide”. Her ability to infuse each character with a unique voice enriches the mystery, adding depth to their personalities and motivations. The elegance of her speech and the intensity of her delivery make this audiobook an enchanting experience. With precision and emotion, she escorts us through the labyrinth of suspense, ensuring every twist and turn is felt. Choose And Then There Were None, Poirot Investigates or any of these dramatic novels and joy is gurantted.

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