The Blinding Knife


Name: The Blinding Knife
By: Brent Weeks
Narrated by: Simon Vance
Series: Lightbringer
Length 24 hrs and 14 mins
Category: Literature & Fiction, Action & Adventure
Release Date: 2012-09-25
Language: English

As dawn light wanes over the Seven Satrapies, the entangled fates of an eclectic array of personalities coalesce into a mesmerizing odyssey of conflict, deception, and magic in The Blinding Knife. The vivid echoes of their exploits resonate through the mesmerizing voice of Simon Vance, whose masterful delivery echoes in every hallway and across every battlefield in the story. The Black Prism is the story with a dark scenario intact and The Broken Eye provides the same feeling. So as a fan you can pick anyone of these books and it is guaranteed that the listener will not get bored.

Gavin Guile, the Prism, sits atop a volatile empire, shouldering the duty of maintaining harmony through the manipulation of light. His craft thrives on colors, but as his spectrum wanes, so does the thread that keeps the realm from unravelling. The veritable emperor, with sagacity that belies the flickering flame of his powers, battles not just external threats but the haunting secrets of his past, including his prisoner – Dazen, his own brother whom he impersonated for years.

Meanwhile, Kip, a seemingly ordinary lad, discovers a staggering lineage as Gavin’s illegitimate son. A crucible of raging emotions and nascent powers, he finds himself enmeshed in an education as dramatic as the very colors that guide this world. Amongst the Chromeria’s prodigious wards, he befriends Zymun, whose sinister motives mask a far-reaching ambition.

While Kip endeavors to master his burgeoning prowess, the Chromeria witnesses tumultuous times. The enthralling Karris White Oak, a stalwart warrior, struggles to reconcile her divided loyalties between Gavin, her former betrothed, and her indomitable clan. She threads the needle through precarious alliances while combating insidious plots.

Andross Guile, the beguiling puppeteer and Gavin’s father, plays the game with an inexorable grasp of every nuance. His orchestration extends beyond the gilded halls of the Chromeria, drawing the shrouded Order of the Broken Eye into the tableau.

As battles rage and shadows dance, the serendipitous journey of Teia, a gifted slave turned spy, weaves through layers of duplicity. She finds her destiny entangled with the mysterious Blinding Knife, an artifact whose secrets threaten to irrevocably alter the tapestry of this luxuriant world.

Brent Weeks, the maestro behind this symphonic tale, illustrates a vivid milieu, where magic, the essence of color, dictates the rise and fall of empires. In this maelstrom of treachery, magic, and heroics, Simon Vance’s voice conjures every shade of emotion, from the chilling calm of an assassin’s blade to the tempestuous fury of elemental battles.

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