The Consuming Fire


Name: The Consuming Fire
By: John Scalzi
Narrated by: Wil Wheaton
Series: The Interdependency
Length 8 hrs and 19 mins
Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Science Fiction
Release Date: 2018-10-15
Language: English

Our central figure, Emperox Grayland II, officially known as Cardenia Wu-Patrick, is the fresh leader of the Interdependency. She stands stoic in her efforts to safeguard her domain from the impending doom of a Flow collapse, which would isolate her subjects in their respective systems. Grayland’s poise and determination reverberate through the cosmos, as she refuses to be silenced by those with darker motives. Her fervent ally, the endearingly cunning Marce Claremont, is a scientist whose painstaking research on The Flow seeks to guide the Interdependency away from annihilation.

However, the convoluted web of interstellar nobility and politics engulfs the duo. The Nohamapetan family, possessing ambitions as expansive as the universe itself, plots to overthrow Emperox Grayland II, and Marce’s findings become an inadvertent pawn in their sordid game. Amongst the Nohamapetans, the cold-blooded and calculative Nadashe exudes an aura of treachery, utilizing her sinister prowess to manipulate the political tides in her family’s favor.

As the Flow’s currents become ever more erratic, the Countess of End, Lady Kiva Lagos, emerges as an unlikely ally to Emperox Grayland II. The unabashed, audacious Kiva, with her sharp tongue and uncanny instinct, carves her path through the upper echelons of the Interdependency with a striking grace that is equal parts brazen and brilliant. Kiva’s alliance helps to unravel the machinations that the Nohamapetan family has been weaving with the meticulousness of an interstellar spider.

With her leadership tested, and the very fabric of her empire at stake, Emperox Grayland II stands as a beacon of hope for her people. Through stellar gambits, cunning repartees, and alliances forged in the stardust of adversity, the Interdependency must grapple with a rapidly changing universe.

What further magnifies the cosmic charm of this audiobook is the auditory wizardry of Wil Wheaton who has already displayed his awesomeness in Ready Player One, The Martian and many more. With his mellifluous voice, he conjures the vastness of the cosmos and the whispers of stars, as if the very essence of the Interdependency streams through the cadence of his narration. The kaleidoscope of characters, from the regal Emperox Grayland II to the fiendish Nohamapetan family, is rendered resplendently, as Wheaton’s voice meanders through the galaxies of Scalzi’s creation.

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