The Dark Bones


Name: The Dark Bones
By: Loreth Anne White
Narrated by: Emily Sutton-Smith
Length 13 hrs and 29 mins
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Mystery
Release Date: 2019-05-20
Language: English

Rebecca North, a determined and relentless detective, returns to mend old wounds and unshroud the mysteries that have haunted her family for years. In her youth, Rebecca had fled this ghostly place, leaving behind a father mired in disgrace, accused of setting fire to their home with her mother still inside. Time, however, has done little to quench the fires of Rebecca’s burning questions, and with the ember of curiosity blazing within her, she resolves to dig through the ashes and seek the truth.

Emily Sutton-Smith, with her melodious and mesmerizing voice, acts as a guide through this shadowy maze. She escorts the listeners through the forests and fogs, down murky lanes and into the very hearts of the characters. It was her who stunned many all around the globe in The Maid’s Diary and The Drowned Girls.

The soil of the plot is rich, and the seeds of doubt are sown early on. Rebecca’s former lover, Ash Haugen, greets her with a coldness that mirrors the frosty mountains. As a former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ash, however, can’t resist the allure of an unsolved mystery and is soon entangled in Rebecca’s quest. Their history, both ardent and tumultuous, creates an electric storm, clouding their judgment as they unearth clues.

Mingling with the shadows is the character of Lorraine, Rebecca’s long-lost friend, whose whimsical and effervescent demeanor dances like firelight. Lorraine proves to be an invaluable ally as the revelations begin to darken. The character of Gibb, an old and wise protector of the town’s history, acts as a guardian of long-forgotten secrets. His enigmatic tales, woven with wisdom, help piece together the stained glass window of the past.

As the soil is tilled, and the roots of the mysteries are unearthed, Rebecca and Ash begin to realize that the dark bones of the town are not just the skeletons hidden deep in the woods, but also the chilling secrets that the townsfolk clutch close to their chests.

The enchantment of Emily Sutton-Smith’s voice guides the listeners through the undercurrents of this murky tale, exquisitely connecting the coldness of the mountains to the frostiness of long-held secrets. Each revelation is like a drop of ink in water, slowly swirling until the picture becomes clear. The story delves into the heart of human emotions, where love, hate, and regret twist together like the gnarled branches of the ancient trees that shadow this small town.

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