The Force


Name: The Force
By: Don Winslow
Narrated by: Dion Graham
Length 13 hrs and 26 mins
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Mystery
Release Date: 2017-06-19
Language: English

Denny Malone, a cop with a strong moral compass, stands tall among men as the leader of ‘Da Force’. His band of brothers, comprised of Russo, Billy O, and Monty, is not just adept at handling guns and hunting down criminals, but also at blurring the line between what’s legal and what’s not. They believe in the greater good but are tangled in the webs of corruption, greed, and the hunger for power.

The plot weaves through the complex relationships among these men, their families, and the city they swore to protect. When Denny seizes a colossal stash of heroin, the tight-knit threads that held his life together begin to unravel. What started as a promising sunrise over the skyline soon turns into a turbulent storm, as Denny’s entanglement with drug cartels, politicians, and fellow officers begins to choke him.

Throughout the pages, the listener meets an array of characters, including Denny’s brotherhood. Russo, ever so loyal yet with a past shrouded in shadows; Billy O, the charismatic brother-in-arms, and Monty, whose life’s torn pages hold secrets that can set fires. Then, there’s the beguiling drug lord and puppeteer of chaos, El Apache; the enigmatic ADA, Catherine; and the relentless Internal Affairs investigator, Stratton, who haunts Denny like a phantom.

The city of New York, in itself, plays an indelible character. The towering skyscrapers bear silent witness to the sins and sacrifices, while the dingy alleys conceal secrets that can both heal and scar. Winslow’s wizardry with words paints an elaborate fresco, where hope dances with despair, and loyalty waltzes with betrayal.

As the plot races through its paces, Denny Malone, once the king of Manhattan North, finds his empire crumbling. The tenuous lines between right and wrong blur into oblivion, and the choices he makes will either forge or shatter not just his future, but the lives of everyone he holds dear.

Don Winslow’s The Force is not just a novel; it’s an odyssey through the souls of men and the city they love and bleed for. Dion Graham’s voice acts as a guiding star, carrying you through the stormy nights and into the whispering shadows of New York. An enthralling experience that holds you until the last whisper fades away. If someone thinks that The Trail to Buddha’s Mirror and A Cool Breeze on the Underground are the best that the author ever produced then he has another thought coming after listening to this book.

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