The Good Daughter


Name: The Good Daughter
By: Karin Slaughter
Narrated by: Kathleen Early
Series: The Good Daughter
Length 17 hrs and 52 mins
Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Mystery
Release Date: 2017-08-07
Language: English

This is where the Quinn family’s saga, delineated with emotional acuity in The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter, emerges from the mist of time. The daughters, Charlotte and Samantha Quinn, are forever marked by the harrowing event that unfolded one grim night. Here, woven with immense finesse, is a tale teeming with secrets, heartache, and an indomitable spirit of resilience.

The town’s rustic tranquility is shattered when a violent home invasion claims the life of the girls’ mother, Gamma, leaving the young Charlotte and Samantha devastated. Rusty Quinn, the girls’ father and a contentious defense attorney, had enemies aplenty, and their wrath befell his family. As the shadows lengthen and tensions rise, the family frays, and Samantha vanishes.

Fast-forward to years later, and Charlotte has followed in her father’s footsteps, battling for justice in the courtroom as an attorney. Her life, though stitched together with sheer determination, remains fringed with the tattered edges of that haunting past. When another act of unspeakable violence rears its ugly head in Pikeville, the echoes of that night reverberate through the town and within Charlotte.

With the advent of the new crime, we see a tapestry of characters – from Ben Bernard, a bullied teenager, to Kelly Wilson, a young girl accused of heinous acts. As the mystery unravels, the fabric of Pikeville is woven tighter. The suspense, laden with the heavy air of the Southern landscape, moves at a pace that is at once languid and electric.

As a shocking trial ensues, memories and secrets spill forth. Samantha, bearing the weight of her own past, resurfaces. The sisters, united yet broken, are forced to confront not only the unfolding trial but also the haunting specter of their pasts. Alongside, Rusty, with his conflicted paternal instincts, finds his own demons resurfacing. Pretty Girls and Last Breath are different stories with characters that are alluring just like the main character of this novel.

The voice of Kathleen Early is the alchemical elixir that melds the tale into a compelling whole. Her voice, limpid and resolute, traverses the vistas of emotion in the novel. Through her poignant narration, the characters from the stoic Charlotte to the battle-scarred Samantha, and the relentless Rusty Quinn, are painted with deftness.

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