The One


Name: The One
By: Kiera Cass
Narrated by: Amy Rubinate
Series: The Selection
Length 7 hrs and 25 mins
Category: Teen & Young Adult, Romance
Release Date: 2014-05-05
Language: English

In a world awash with secrets and shadows, The One unfurls like a delicate, ethereal dream. When Sofia Parker, a humble museum curator, stumbles upon an ancient, cryptic letter, she is thrust into an adventure beyond her wildest imagination. The letter hints at the existence of an otherworldly artifact, capable of granting immeasurable power and wisdom, known simply as The One.

As Sofia’s search for this relic propels her into a labyrinthine odyssey, she crosses paths with a host of diverse characters. The charismatic yet enigmatic Professor Langston serves as a mentor to her, guiding her through the enigmas of the arcane. Meanwhile, an international thief, Lucien, plies his craft with the stealth of a shadow, with motives as elusive as his steps. He too is after The One, though his reasons are cloaked in mystery.

Meanwhile, as she delves deeper, Sofia encounters the formidable Marcella, a rival historian with an insatiable thirst for power and an uncanny ability to decipher ancient texts. As their search converges, they learn of the Order of the Enlightened, a centuries-old secret society that has been safeguarding The One. The society is led by the venerable Master Kwan, whose wisdom belies a maze of secrets.

As the quest intensifies, alliances shift and the pasts of the characters begin to intertwine. Sofia discovers that she is connected to The One in ways she never thought possible, as her ancestry is entwined with the legacy of the artifact.

In a climactic moment, amidst a forgotten temple, they finally behold the sight of The One. Bathed in an ethereal light, it beckons, promising the wisdom of the ages. However, the guardians of the relic, ancient beings beyond human comprehension, lay forth a challenge. A trial of wits, courage, and heart, where each character’s deepest fears and desires become living, breathing entities.

Sofia, with her newfound knowledge, makes a choice that not only determines her destiny but that of The One. The story reaches its zenith in a poignant, spellbinding climax, as the fates of Sofia, Lucien, Marcella, and the Order are forever altered. The Elite and The Selection are going to give a further tour of the same domain so do not skip.

In this audiobook, the dulcet tones of Amy Rubinate lend an air of mystique and allure. Her cadence is a caressing zephyr, guiding the listener through the phantasmagorical realm crafted by the author. Through her melodious voice, the shadows dance, the whispers speak, and the heart races as the chronicle of The One reaches its haunting denouement.

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