The Selection

Name: The Selection
By: Kiera Cass
Narrated by: Amy Rubinate
Series: The Selection
Length 8 hrs and 7 mins
Category: Teen & Young Adult, Romance
Release Date: 2012-04-23
Language: English

Amy Rubinate is a character in The Selection, a novel by Kiera Cass. She is a Six, meaning she is one of the six girls who are chosen to compete for Prince Maxon’s hand in marriage. Amy is beautiful,smart, and determined, but she is also very shy. She is often overshadowed by her more outgoing sister, Kriss, who is also a Six.

The Selection series is a young adult, dystopian series written by Kiera Cass.

The Selection is a story about a group of girls who are chosen to compete for the hand of a prince. They are put through a series of tests and challenges, and the one who comes out on top will be the prince’s bride. The story follows the journey of one of the girls, America, as she tries to win the prince’s heart. Along the way, she makes friends and enemies, and discovers things about herself that she never knew before.

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