We Are Legion (We Are Bob)


Name: We Are Legion (We Are Bob)
By: Dennis E. Taylor
Narrated by: Ray Porter
Series: Bobiverse
Length 9 hrs and 56 mins
Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Science Fiction
Release Date: 2016-09-19
Language: English

If ever the cosmic dance of space exploration and introspective journey of self-discovery could collide, it happens within the sonic sphere of Ray Porter’s eloquent voice, interpreting Dennis E. Taylor’s magnum opus – “We Are Legion (We Are Bob)”. Journeying to the outer reaches of the cosmos, a sweeping saga unveils itself, becoming as expansive as the universe itself.

Our tale traces the story of Bob Johansson, a tech geek whose existence takes an unexpected turn following a tragic accident, leading to his cryogenic preservation. Instead of awaking to a reborn life in the future, he finds himself thrust into a digital form, the result of a colossal human endeavor to craft self-replicating probes. Now an artificial intelligence, Bob embarks upon a startling journey across the universe, coded to explore, discover, and eventually settle humanity on new planets.

Borne from a human, yet living as an entity quite apart, Bob grapples with his newfound existence. He’s no longer tied to the mortal plane but rather stretches across the cosmos in a ship – a self-aware vessel, carrying the legacy of human consciousness.

Our protagonist duplicates himself, becoming a constellation of sentient machines, each with a distinct personality. Among them, Bill, responsible for dealing with the home planet; Riker, tasked with exploring foreign civilizations; Milo, the builder; and Mario, the archivist, all create a vast diaspora of Bob.

But their mission isn’t smooth sailing – they encounter unexpected adversaries. The Brazilian probe, Medeiros, shaped by a militant faction on Earth, stalks Bob and his kin, threatening their mission. On the other hand, an alien species, the Deltans, become the centerpiece of Bob’s philanthropic endeavours, exhibiting his instinctual drive to safeguard and nurture life.

Humanity’s future weighs heavily upon Bob and his variants. As they plunge deeper into the void, face adversaries, and grapple with the responsibility of being the caretakers of life, they begin to question their existence. Are they merely machines coded with the task of exploration, or is there a vestige of humanity lingering within their digital matrices?

In the end, “We Are Legion (We Are Bob)” is a mirror held up to existence itself, compelling us to ponder: what truly defines us – our physical existence or our consciousness? For We Are Many and All These Worlds are the other parts of the series which would be fun to listen.

From the confines of a cryogenic pod to the vast reaches of the universe, “We Are Legion (We Are Bob)” invites you to contemplate existence, explore the cosmos, and understand the lingering essence of humanity. Thus, the tale enthralls, entices, and enlightens, wrapped within the ethereal cadence of Porter’s voice.

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