What the Dog Saw


Name: What the Dog Saw
By: Malcolm Gladwell
Narrated by: Malcolm Gladwell
Length 12 hrs and 49 mins
Category: Health & Wellness, Psychology & Mental Health
Release Date: 0009-10-17
Language: English

Sherlock, the canine with an inquisitive nose, entwines his destiny with that of the ingenuous botanist, Dr. Eliza Penrose. Dr. Penrose, a tender soul engrossed in her microcosmic world of plants, is astounded by Sherlock’s ability to discern scents, and that’s when serendipity weaves its magic.

This enchanting tale is laced with an ensemble of delightful personalities, each contributing their unique flavor to the soup of events. There is Agnes, the vivacious baker, whose very laughter could make flowers bloom; she becomes Dr. Penrose’s confidante. Then there’s the enigmatic Mr. Fairbanks, with his cane and top hat, who, as rumor has it, is privy to secrets from yesteryears that the town has forgotten. The postman, Mr. Higgins, with his never-ending stream of anecdotes, and the whimsical Mrs. Bramble, who believes her cat speaks to her, are other indispensable threads to this rich fabric.

As Sherlock leads Dr. Penrose through aromatic forests and along forgotten trails, they stumble upon a hidden alcove. Here, they unearth an ancient scroll that hints at a long-lost botanical treasure. Dr. Penrose’s fervor for botany consumes her, and with Sherlock by her side, they delve into a treasure hunt like no other.

Sherlock’s olfactory prowess and Dr. Penrose’s botanical erudition prove to be an alchemic combination. Along the way, they unravel not only the secrets of the long-lost treasure but also the quaint town’s history. The secrets are cleverly guarded by riddles and cryptic maps that only Sherlock’s nose and Dr. Penrose’s wisdom can decode.

As the duo inches closer to the treasure, the town springs into action, with Agnes baking celebratory cakes and Mr. Fairbanks revealing a secret that is as old as the town itself. The scroll is found to be part of a grander scheme that binds the fates of Dr. Penrose and Sherlock to the town.

A confluence of happenstance, scents, and botanical wonders, the tale blooms like the most exotic of flowers. Malcolm Gladwell, with his voice akin to the rustle of aged parchment, steers the listener through an immersive experience. He deftly handles the intricate dance of characters, nature, and history. It is not just a tale, but an intermingling of lives woven through time, scents, and the voracious curiosity of a dog named Sherlock. Outliers and Blink can make a nice place in the memory attic if given time so consider these two other choices whenever you have the time.

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