The Way of Shadows

Name: The Way of Shadows
By: Brent Weeks
Narrated by: Paul Boehmer
Series: Night Angel Trilogy
Length 21 hrs and 4 mins
Category: Literature & Fiction, Action & Adventure
Release Date: 0009-08-07
Language: English

The Way of Shadows is a fantasy novel by Brent Weeks. It is the first book in The Night Angel Trilogy.

The story follows the life of azoth, who is orphaned and becomes an assassin. Trained by the best in the business, he quickly becomes the most sought-after killer in the empire. But as he grows more successful, azoth starts to question the point of it all. When he is finally given a chance to retire, he takes it, vowing never to kill again.

But old habits die hard, and when azoth’s friends and family are threatened, he must return to his old ways to protect them.

The Way of Shadows is a gripping tale of revenge, betrayal, and redemption that will keep readers hooked until the very end.

There is nothing particularly special about the content or characters of The Way of Shadows. However, the author, Brent Weeks, is known for his well-developed characters and intricate plots.

The Way of Shadows inspires listeners because it is a story about a young man who overcomes incredible odds to become one of the most powerful people in the world. The story is full of adventure, suspense, and romance, and listeners can easily imagine themselves in the characters’ shoes.

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